Wick Sheriff Court

Exterior of the Wick Sheriff Court

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Hub Courts for new, first instance custodies

New, first instance custody cases will continue to be heard in hub courts as first instance cases in each Sheriffdom as follows. Thereafter, if a further substantive hearing is assigned this will be to the court of local jurisdiction.

Sheriffdom orders

The following Sheriffdom guidance, information and practice notes apply to this court.

Please also refer to the Rules and Practice section of the website.

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GHI – Order No 1 of 2024 – Return of Solemn Hearings to Sheriff Court BuildingsPDF392.56 KB13 Feb, 2024 Download
GHI Act of Court No 4 of 2023PDF46.42 KB26 Sep, 2023 Download
GHI Act of Court No 2 of 2022 - Public & Court Holidays 2023PDF709.35 KB28 Nov, 2022 Download
GHI Act of Court No 2 of 2023 – Public Holidays 2023 AmendmentPDF492.67 KB22 Aug, 2023 Download
GHI Act of Court No 3 of 2023 – Public Holidays 2024PDF501.26 KB22 Aug, 2023 Download
GHI - Order No. 3 of 2023 - Transfer of Island Court Trials to Sheriffdom Hub CourtsPDF401.16 KB19 Jul, 2023 Download
GHI Act of Court No 1 of 2023PDF32.64 KB10 Feb, 2023 Download
Final - Sheriffs Principal Guidance for Court Users - Electronic Submission of Documents PDF227.19 KB24 Oct, 2022 Download
PN no.3 of 2022 - PIDM (003)PDF361.90 KB19 Oct, 2022 Download
Management of Proceedings in the Sheriff Courts (July 2022)PDF181.07 KB20 Jul, 2022 Download
Guidance for Court Users - Child Welfare HearingsPDF172.56 KB13 Jul, 2022 Download
Management of Summary Cause Proceedings Housing (Scotland) Act 2001PDF193.24 KB11 Jul, 2022 Download
Guidance Civil No 2PDF244.24 KB19 Jun, 2020 Download
Electronic submission of documents Civil No 4 of 2020PDF104.73 KB26 Jun, 2020 Download
Guidance for Practitioners and Litigants - Adoption Proceedings GHIPDF104.39 KB21 May, 2021 Download
Civil Guidance - Video Conference CallPDF126.59 KB03 Sep, 2021 Download
2022 Custody DirectionPDF239.43 KB19 Oct, 2021 Download

Wick Sheriff Court opened in 1866 and was designed by the Edinburgh architect David Rhind who adapted many Renaissance features, in particular copying the middle floor windows from the Vendramini Palace in Venice. The “A” listed building cost £6,000, half of which was paid for by the County.

Visiting Wick Sheriff Court - Word version
Visiting Wick Sheriff Court  - PDF version

Contact Details

Postal address

Sheriff Court House,
Bridge Street,


Main telephone

01955 602846

Sheriff Clerk / Main contact

Peta Donachie

All commissary work carried out



Civil department contact

01955 602846

Criminal department contact

01955 602846

Admin department contact

01955 602846




Jury helpline

01955 602846 available from 17:00 until 09:00 on evening prior to start of trial.

Accessibility contact

If you want to contact us using text relay please follow the guidance at this link - the Next Generation Text Service 

If you require the support of an interpreter when you contact the office (by phone or attend in person), a telephone interpretation service is available. To access this service ask for telephone interpreting and the language required.  

If you use British Sign Language (BSL) and wish to phone us using a sign language interpreter, you can use the online video relay interpreting service. For more information see 


When you arrive at the Sheriff Court, please report to the Sheriff Clerks Office where you will be guided to the courtroom.

If you have any mobility issues please contact 01955602846 prior to attending as the courtroom is on the second floor of the building.

By Taxi

Wick Taxis

Jimmy’s Taxi  01955 602727        Johnny’s Taxi  01955605041

Miller’s Cabs 01955 606464

Thurso Taxis

Harbour Taxi’s   01847 892827    Ormlie Taxi’s  01847 893434

Meiklejohn’s  01847 892827

By Air

The nearest Airport is Wick which is approximately a 20 min walk from the Court House or 5 minutes by car.

Airport   01955 603914        Logan Air  01955 602294


On Arrival

On arrival at court, please report to the sheriff clerk's public office on the ground floor where you will be directed as appropriate. If you are attending for jury service please report to the sheriff clerk's public office where you will be assisted by the jury attendant.

Wheelchair access is available at the right hand side of the building. Buzzer for staff assistance (clearly signposted). If you have any specific requirements please contact the sheriff clerk's office on 01955 602846 on the day prior to your visit.

All visitors should report to sheriff clerk's public office on the ground floor.


There is a hot drink vending machine in the Crown witness room otherwise there are various cafes within a short walking distance from courthouse. If you are sitting on a jury, lunch and refreshments will be provided if the court sits into the afternoon.

A loop induction service is available in the main court room for people who have hearing difficulties. A portable loop system is available for elsewhere in the building. Please contact the sheriff clerk on 01955 602846 if you require to use this facility prior to your visit.

Pay a Fine

If you want to pay your fine or would like information and advice please visit our Pay a Fine page. 

Opening Times

Court Building: Mon - Thu - 09:00 until 16:00: Friday 09:00 - 16:00

Office and telephone hours: Mon - Thu 09:00 - 13:00 14:00 - 16:30
Friday - 09:00 - 13:00 14:00 - 16:00

Office is closed everyday from 13.00 - 14.00

Opening hours for the public counters in all Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Courts during the festive period –

Friday 23 December 2022 – 9am to 3.30pm

Wednesday 28 December 2022 – 9am to 5pm

Thursday 29 December 2022 – 9am to 5pm

Friday 30 December 2022 – 9am to 3.30pm

Normal hours resume on Wednesday 4 January 2023

Public Holidays


December 26, 27


January 2, 3
April 7, 10
May 1, 8
June 5
July 31
September 25
December 4, 25, 26



Please refer to the complaints and feedback page.

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