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The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

We support justice by providing the people, buildings and services needed to support the judiciary, the courts, devolved tribunals and the Office of the Public Guardian.

Entrance of Glasgow High Court and recpetion
staff talking

A new start for our website

We have been working to improve how we present information and the technology which supports our website now and into the future. 

This new website seeks to present our information in a more accessible way and our aim is to provide a better online experience for all those who visit.

Your feedback on the new website is welcomed as it will help inform the ongoing development of the site.

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The supreme court building in Edinburgh

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS)

We touch the lives of many people on a daily basis – be that through formal court or tribunal business, people fulfilling their civic duty as a juror, paying fees or fines, seeking help in managing the affairs of an incapable adult or dealing with the estate of a loved one who has passed away.

SCTS has a presence in many of Scotland’s communities where court and tribunal business is conducted daily.

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