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You can use Civil Online to make, respond to, or track the progress of a Simple Procedure claim. You can also use this facility to submit documents in your claim.

The current restriction on our API system which permits users of our API system to only submit 20 simple procedure cases per-day, per-court, has been removed.

We would request that users ensure that they send a consistent volume of cases through the API each day and not allow backlogs of large volumes of cases to be sent in a single submission. This will allow the effective processing of all simple procedure business through the Courts.

Simple Procedure claims should be submitted using Civil Online. If you feel you cannot submit your claim electronically, you must contact your local Sheriff Court to seek the approval of the Sheriff for the claim to proceed in paper format – click here for more information.

From 17 May 2021, solicitors can also use Civil Online to submit documents for all types of Ordinary Procedure action. This video explains how to use Civil Online, including how to submit a document in an Ordinary action.

Solicitors are also able to use the Civil Online API to transfer Simple Procedure claims directly from their own case management systems.

Solicitors who wish to access Civil Online for document submission or find out more about using the API should contact

You can use Civil Online to make or respond to a simple procedure claim

You can make a claim:

  • for payment of a sum of money you are due where the value of the claim is £5000 or less;

  • for the return or delivery of goods, but only where there is an alternative claim for payment of a sum of money of £5000 or less; 

  •  if you want the court to order the person you are making a claim against to do something (for example to complete or perform a service), but only where there is an alternative claim for payment of a sum of money of £5000 or less.

The value of your claim cannot be more than £5000. 

You can use Civil Online to track the progress of your case or submit a document.  

Before you start:

You should contact the person or organisation to try and resolve the issue. Please read the Simple Procedure Rules and guidance.   

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