Sheriff Court Fees

Please note that new court fees will apply from 1 April 2020

The list below shows the fees that are charged for the most common applications and stages of procedure in the sheriff court. If you need to know the fee for any other application, you can either look at the fee order or contact your local sheriff court.

Sheriff Court Fees

  • Adoption

  • All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court

  • Bankruptcy

  • Commissary

  • Copying (including search fee)

  • Criminal

  • Divorce/Dissolution of civil partnership - Simplified Procedure

  • Fatal Accident Inquiry

  • Miscellaneous

  • Ordinary Procedure including Ordinary Divorce/Dissolution of civil partnership

  • Search

  • Second Extract

  • Summary Cause and Simple Procedure

NB:Additional fees for further steps in procedure may be required - you can get further information from the sheriff clerk's office.

Fee exemption

see information on fee exemption

Fee Orders

The current Fee Order is available on the website at the link below.  

The Sheriff Court Fees Order 2018 No.81 (amended by the Sheriff Court Fees Amendment Order 2018 on 28 September 2018)

         Schedule 3 applies from 1 April 2020



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Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cheques - Made payable to "The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service"
  • Debit Card & Credit Card - Please check which types of card are acceptable with the appropriate court
  • Postal Order - Made payable to "The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service"
  • Cash - If paying by post it is not advisable to make cash payments