About Court Rolls

Court Rolls describes the daily lists of business which are scheduled to appear in courts and are usually available for the next five working days ahead.

Any queries about Court Rolls should be directed to the court concerned.

In response to the Coronavirus crisis and the requirements of social distancing, some court business is being heard online where it is appropriate to do so. Already a number of different types of hearing are accessible online and this trend will continue to counter the disruption caused by Coronavirus.

Media representatives are being given access to the majority of online hearings to promote open justice but a number of hearings can also be accessed by the public. The table below gives information on what hearings are available to whom. Please be aware that these will be updated  regularly as circumstances change. If you wish more information, please email

*Email for virtual hearing access information

Custody hearings Proceeding
(remotely where possible)
In court – media only
Undertakings Proceeding Media only
Bail hearings In court if hearing asked for by
parties, If not then dealt with
Media only
Applications to extend
custody time limits
Adults with incapacity
court and Social work
Proceeding In court – no media or public access (this is no change)
Summary hearings Proceeding only when parties agree
that they can be resolved without
the need for a trial (guilty plea)
Media only*
Sheriff Court Civil
Virtual hearings

Media only*

(a small number of hearings may be open to public)
All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court Proceeding remotely

Media only*

(please register interest as early as possible)
Petition Court Proceeding No access for media or public (this is no change)
Debtors/misc (insolvency)
court and commercial
Proceeding remotely or
by written submission
No access for media or public (this is no change)
Supreme Courts

Inner House appeals

Virtual hearings

Audio only for members of the public
Media and public*
Outer House hearings

Virtual hearings

Audio only for members of the public
Media and public*
High Court of Appeal

Virtual hearings

Audio only for members of the public

Media and public*

High Court sentencing In court In court – media only
High Court preliminary hearings In court In court – media only
High Court Section 76 Hearings In court In court – media only

High Court Trial Diets

In court if defence indicate a
motion for bail is to be made
In Court – media only

High Court – Bail Hearings

In court In Court – media only
Sheriff Appeal Court Virtual hearings Media only

Conditions of Access
If you dial-in to a virtual hearing, please remember that you are subject to the same rules as if you were present in a physical court. Anyone failing to obey or respect the authority of the court may be subject to Contempt of Court proceedings.

 In particular, those accessing a hearing:

  • must not record or store the proceedings
  • must not broadcast the proceedings.

 In relation to social media, you must not, during the course of a virtual hearing, comment on the proceedings using any social media platform in relation to: jury trials; cases involving sexual offences; or cases where the participants cannot legally be identified.

Any social media comment in relation to the proceedings of other types of court case during the course of a hearing:

  • must be fair and accurate
  • must not be in Contempt of Court
  • must not be prejudicial to the court case.

 The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service retain the copyright of live audio recordings of court proceedings. Although you are welcome to listen to the proceedings, the re-use, capture, re-editing or redistribution of the material in any form is not permitted. You should be aware that any such use could attract liability for breach of copyright or defamation, in addition to the possibility of contempt of court proceedings.

Do not share access codes. Each person attending a court hearing requires to be personally aware of the full list of access conditions.

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