Research Access

Access to conduct research in Scotland’s courts, tribunals, Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), to judicial office holders, tribunal members and SCTS staff can be applied for via SCTS. Permission to conduct research is obtained from the Lord President.

Research Access Guidance for Researchers has been prepared and can be accessed here:
Download Research Access for Researchers (DOC)

To apply for research access please complete the Research Access Template:

Download Research Access Template (DOC)

Additional Documents to support your application can be found below:

Data Access Form (DOC)

Records Access Form (DOC)

The Research Access Template along with any additional documents should be submitted to

If you have any questions whilst completing the template or you would like to discuss your research request prior to submitting your template please contact the Senior Service Delivery Support Manager at the email address above or telephone 0131 248 1877.

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