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The Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014 created a new, simplified statutory framework for tribunals in Scotland, bringing existing jurisdictions together and providing a structure for new ones. The Act created two new tribunals, the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland and the Upper Tribunal for Scotland.

The Lord President is the head of the Scottish Tribunals and has delegated various function to the as President of Scottish Tribunals, the Rt Hon Lady Smith.

The Upper Tribunal for Scotland

The Upper Tribunal hears appeals on decisions of the chambers of the First-tier Tribunal.

The Upper Tribunal for Scotland

The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland

The First-tier Tribunal will be organised into a series of chambers . From 1 December 2016,  the Housing and Property Chamber is established and will take on the functions of the former Home Owner and Housing Panel and the Private Rented Housing Panel

Housing and Property Chamber

Listed Tribunals (Administered by the SCTS)

The Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland 

The Private Rented Housing Panel 

The Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland 

The Council Tax Reduction Review Panel 

The Pensions Appeals Tribunal 

The Lands Tribunal for Scotland 

The Scottish Charity Appeals Panel 

The Tax Tribunals for Scotland 


The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service provides administrative support to these tribunals.

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