Jurors are selected at random from the electoral register and can be cited for criminal trials (in the sheriff court or the High Court) or for civil cases in the Court of Session or the All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court. In order to preserve the random nature of citation, names are selected electronically from information supplied from the electoral registers. This may mean that an individual may be selected on multiple occasions and another not being cited for a lengthy period, or several people from one employer being cited simultaneously. If you feel your particular circumstances might merit excusal from service you should consult further information on that process which is provided below and in our Guide to Eligibility & Excusal.

It should be noted that, depending on circumstances, if you are excused from serving on a particular occasion, this may result in another citation being received within a relatively short timescale



Guides to jury service

These guides will provide you with helpful information including details on preparing for jury service, what to expect at court, the role of the judge and the jury, how the trial will proceed and a glossary of terms.

SCTS has produced an information film split into 4 short chapters, each covering specific areas for potential jurors which shows different stages of the jury experience.



Information on qualification for jury service

Guide to Eligibility & Excusal

This guide provides details about those people who are: not qualified for jury service, disqualified from jury service or ineligible for jury service. It is an offence to serve on a jury knowing that you fall into any of these three categories.

The guide also gives details of those who can apply to the court for excusal as of right. If you wish to apply for excusal on the basis of ill health or physical disability then you must enclose a medical certificate along with your application for excusal. This can normally be obtained free of charge from your GP

If you wish to apply for excusal due to another special reason, for example commitments at work, cancellation of which would cause abnormal inconvenience either to yourself or others, or holiday plans which would be difficult or expensive to rearrange, you should complete the relevant sections of the application. You must also provide evidence of this, for example booking confirmation or letter from your employer. Applications for excusals are dealt with sympathetically by the courts, however it must be understood that in some circumstances the court may not be able to excuse individuals.

For more information please contact the court to which you have been cited.

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If you have any queries relating to jury service, you should contact the court which has cited you. Details can be found in your citation pack or use the search below.