Upper Tribunal for Scotland

The Upper Tribunal hears appeals on decisions of the chambers of the First-tier Tribunal.

Appellants must first seek permission to appeal from the First-tier Tribunal before coming to the Upper Tribunal. Cases are heard by Senators of the College of Justice, Sheriffs or other members.

First-tier Tribunal Chambers 

Rules and Legislation

Application Form (UTS-1)

(NDR) Valuation Referral Appeals

With effect from 1 April 2023 Valuation Appeals that were previously determined by the Lands Tribunal for Scotland are now determined by The Upper Tribunal for Scotland. There are two types:

  • Reference – Section 1(3A) of Lands Tribunal Act 1949 - referral to the Upper Tribunal for Scotland
  • Appeal – Section 1(3BA) of Lands Tribunal Act 1949 - appeal against refusal to refer to the Upper Tribunal for Scotland

Application Form (UTS-2) (NDR Appeals Only)

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For location map, directions, open hours and facilities visit the Glasgow Tribunals Centre.

Location and postal address

The Glasgow Tribunals Centre
20 York Street
G2 8GT


0141 302 5880


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