Vexatious Litigants

List of members of the public who have habitually and persistently instituted vexatious legal proceedings without reasonable ground and have been declared vexatious litigants under the Vexatious Actions (Scotland) Act 1898. Vexatious Actions (Scotland) Act 1898 has been repealed and that aspect of the legislation has been incorporated into section 100 of The Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014

  1. Mr Edward Cairns
  2. Mr Martin Frost
  3. Mr Arun Gupta
  4. Mr James Bell
  5. Mr Derek Cooney
  6. Mr Andrew McNamara
  7. Mr. Myles O Fitzpatrick
  8. Mr. Richard Russell
  9. Mr. James Duff
  10. Mr. Alexander Plunkett
  11. Mr Mohammed Aslam
  12. Mr Gabriel Politakis
  13. Mr Forbes Bruce Sime


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