General Department

The General Department deals with actions other than actions to the administrative jurisdiction of the Court which are dealt with by the Petition Department. Actions are started by summons. The purpose of a summons is to set out the basis on which the pursuer seeks to enforce a legal right against another person.

The main duties of the Section Manager is to check Summons to be signed for procedural accuracy, advise the Court customers e.g. solicitors and party litigants, of Court procedures.  Other duties also include monitoring all processes received back from Court and noting interlocutors, dealing with technical and procedural problems.  

Please note that as from 25th May 2018, to comply with GDPR, customers will require to sign on to lodge summonses and will require to collect mail from staff as pigeon holes will be kept within the department.  Any papers containing sensitive personal/personal data left within the public area will be left at your own risk.

Please ensure that you contact the relevant sections as noted below


More about Personal Injury Actions 
More about Commerical  Actions


Commercial Section                
Admin Officer 0131 240 6698
Section Manager 0131 240 6947 

Ordinary/Family Section          
Admin Officer 0131 240 6735
Admin Officer 0131 240 6697
Section Manager 0131 240 6837

Personal Injury Section           
Admin Officer 0131 240 6691
Section Manager 0131 240 6696

Fax 0131 240 6746