Expenses for Jury Service

You are not paid for jury service, but you are allowed to claim expenses.  A maximum amount can be claimed and these rates are decided by Scottish Ministers. The maximum amounts which can be claimed are shown below. A juror cannot be paid more than these maximum amounts. 

Currently expenses claims can be made using either a paper claim form or using the digital expenses system.  The digital expenses system is currently being rolled out across Scotland and it may not be available to you.  You will be told in court which method you should use to claim your expenses and you will also be directed to the correct guidance by selecting the court you attended at the bottom of this page.  

What can I claim?

You may be able to claim six kinds of expenses:


For the cost of transport to and from court;


For the extra cost of meals etc that you buy while attending court;

Loss of earnings or benefits

For the extra cost of childminding and babysitting

Adult carer allowance

For the extra cost of caring for a dependant adult

Other expenses

you may be entitled to claim for any other unusual expenses

Guides for applying for expenses are available once you have selected the court you have attended.

What if I need help completing the claim form?

If you require help completing the claim form members of SCTS staff can assist with this.  If you are completing a paper claim you are asked to speak to the court staff where you completed your jury service.  If you are completing a digital expenses claim a centralised team are available to assist and contact details for that team are available on the guide for completing a digital expenses claim.

Do I need to complete a paper or digital expenses claim?

Please click on the court you attended to be taken to the correct page for submitting a claim:

Aberdeen Sheriff Court
Airdrie Sheriff Court
Alloa Sheriff Court
Ayr Sheriff Court
Banff Sheriff Court
Campbeltown Sheriff Court
Dumbarton Sheriff Court
Dumfries Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court
Dunfermline Sheriff Court
Dunoon Sheriff Court
Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Edinburgh High Court 
Elgin Sheriff Court
Falkirk Sheriff Court
Forfar Sheriff Court
Fort William Sheriff Court
Dumfries Sheriff Court
Glasgow Sheriff Court
Glasgow High Court
Greenock Sheriff Court
Hamilton Sheriff Court
Inverness Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court
Kilmarnock Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court
Lerwick Sheriff Court
Livingston Sheriff Court
Lochmaddy Sheriff Court
Oban Sheriff Court 
Paisley Sheriff Court
Perth Sheriff Court
Peterhead Sheriff Court
Portree Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court
Stirling Sheriff Court
Stornoway Sheriff Court
Stranraer Sheriff Court

Tain Sheriff Court
Wick Sheriff Court

For all other courts please click on this link


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Contact Information

If you have any queries relating to jury service, you should contact the court which has cited you. Details can be found in your citation pack or use the search below.