Participating in jury trials in Scotland

Update 23 May 2022

Guidance for Jurors

Jury service is an important public duty. The role of the jury, is to reach a verdict in the case, having heard and considered the facts according to the evidence and the instructions given by the judge. There are 15 people in a criminal jury trial and 12 in a civil jury trial.

Jurors are selected at random from the electoral register and can be cited for criminal trials (in the sheriff court or the High Court) or for civil cases in the Court of Session or the All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court.

Courtrooms and Remote Jury Centres

As a result of the positive progress on COVID-19, the SCTS has introduced plans to return most High Court and Sheriff Solemn jury trials completely back into courtrooms.

The return of juries to courtrooms is a phased operation which will take a few months to complete. Over that period Remote Jury Centres (RJC) will be progressively decommissioned.

As a result some jurors are being cited to attend trials in courtrooms while others are cited to attend a RJC. Because the return to courts will be a gradual process, there will be different information for jurors attending a courtroom or an RJC. Guidance has been updated to reflect this and is available on the following pages on our website.

If you have been cited to attend as a juror in a courtroom, please go to this page for guidance

Citations to attend for jury service at a court will contain the address of that court e.g. Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Sheriff Court House, 27 Chambers Street.

If you have been cited to attend as a juror in a Remote Jury Centre, please go to this page for guidance

Citations to attend for jury service at a Remote Jury Centre will contain the address of the centre e.g. Edinburgh Sheriff Court RJC, SCTS Jury Centre, Odeon Cinema

Guidance on coming to our buildings

The safety of all those who use our buildings has been paramount throughout the pandemic.  As we move towards what we all hope will be a more stable summer period, we have continued to review the Covid-19 data and advice. The latest analysis is encouraging and indicates that case levels in Scotland continue to decline. 

On 25 April, we were able to remove restrictions on public access to our buildings but retained the mandatory use of face coverings for SCTS staff, the judiciary and those involved in courtroom proceedings. From 23 May we will move to a position where the wearing of face coverings will continue to be strongly recommended, in line with Scottish Government guidance, but will no longer be mandatory. 

While still strongly recommended, people can now make individual choices about wearing face coverings.  We would encourage everyone to respect the choices that others make and keep working together to maintain safety, as we have done throughout the pandemic.


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Reminder for jurors

Remember to phone the Jurors' attendance update line the evening before you attend court as instructed on your citation.

Contact Information

If you have any queries relating to jury service, you should contact the court which has cited you. Details can be found in your citation pack or use the search below.

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