Wearing a Kirpan

A Kirpan may be carried for religious reasons under Section 49(4) of the Criminal Law (consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995.

Informing the court

An initiated Sikh attending court should inform court officials in advance when possible, or on arrival, that a Kirpan is worn. Normal security procedures will be carried out, and the Sikh will be able to wear the Kirpan in court and the court environment.* In the court and its vicinity, the Kirpan must always be sheathed and worn out of sight. If you have any questions regarding the wearing of the Kirpan please contact the court concerned.

* there may be exceptional circumstances when this will not be possible and those circumstances will be discussed on application.

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In 2013, guidance on wearing a Kirpan to court was jointly signed by the, then, Scottish Court Service and the Sikh community.

Kirpan guidance (English)
Kirpan guidance (Urdu)