Summary Applications, Statutory Applications and Appeals

In the summary applications listed below, a Sheriff has granted warrant for citation or service of a document on a person by publication of their details below. This is because their present whereabouts are currently unknown. Publication is made under Rule 2.13 of the Summary Application, Statutory Applications and Appeals etc. Rules 1999, as read with paragraph 1A of Schedule 4 to the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020.

Enquiries in respect of an individual notice published below should be directed to the court detailed in that notice

Glasgow and Strathkelvin


Grampian, Highland and Islands





Lothian and Borders






North Strathclyde

South Strathclyde Dumfries and Galloway


Ayr Sheriff Court
Case Reference Number: AYR-B293-20
Pursuer/Applicant/Petitioner: Diane Finne, 34a Bellevue Crescent, Ayr, KA47 2DR
Defender/Respondent:  Liam McClure, last known address is unknown and Daniel McClure last known address is unknown



Tayside, Central and Fife


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