Coronavirus – Keeping our Courts and Tribunal Buildings Safe

Mar 18, 2020

In normal times we welcome members of the public visiting our courts and tribunals on a daily basis; to support friends and family and to uphold the principle that justice can be seen to be done.

These are not normal times and we need to minimise the number of public visitors in our buildings.

Therefore In order to play our part in responding to the coronavirus and reduce the risk of infection spread we ask every member of the public, who is not directly involved in proceedings, not to enter our buildings. 

This will help us protect our environment and minimise the risk for those who are required to attend court or tribunal hearings. 

You don’t need to come to a court building to pay a fine. You can pay online at with phone and postal options also available. 

You can manage a simple procedure claim or response entirely online. Details at

With strong Government advice on social distancing and avoiding gatherings, we ask that you stay away and reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread.

Thanks for your support in minimising the risks for everyone.

Coming to a court or tribunal – see the latest advice here

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