Hamilton Justice of the Peace Court

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Data Published at 12:43 on Monday 16 July 2018


Accused DetailsCourt Ref NoPF Ref NoCourt Room
Christopher JOHN BLACK SCS/2018-037950 HM18003541 Court 1
Mark BURNS SCS/2017-022142 HM16013260 Court 1
Mohammad HOSSEINI SCS/2018-004577 HM17010174 Court 1
Christopher MCKNIGHT SCS/2018-019649 HM18000822 Court 1
Andrew MULLEN SCS/2018-004605 HM17011994 Court 1
Andrew MULLEN SCS/2018-042429 HM17011994 Court 1
Linzi O'CONNOR SCS/2018-031208 HM17011863 Court 1
Richard SMEATON SCS/2018-024443 HM18000433 Court 1
Mateusz TROJNAR SCS/2018-062823 HM18005229 Court 1
Mateusz TROJNAR SCS/2017-113848 HM17007855 Court 1
Lisa WOTHERSPOON SCS/2018-024439 HM17011902 Court 1
Lisa WOTHERSPOON SCS/2018-027035 HM18001653 Court 1
Lisa WOTHERSPOON SCS/2018-035718 HM18001108 Court 1
Lisa WOTHERSPOON SCS/2018-007013 HM17011350 Court 1