Relocation of the JP Court sitting at Coatbridge

Dec 20, 2018

Following a public consultation in July 2018, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service (SCTS) plans to relocate the Justice of the Peace (JP) Court that currently sits at a venue in Coatbridge to a new venue just over one mile away in Airdrie.

As a result of the positive feedback received, SCTS has now asked the Scottish Government to prepare the parliamentary order that will formally put this relocation into effect.

That order should be available early in the New Year and, providing it is approved by the Scottish Parliament, it will allow the subsequent relocation of court business to follow a few months thereafter.  In advance of the changeover date, those court users currently cited to the Coatbridge JP court can expect to receive letters if they are being redirected to attend at the new venue.


Notes for Editors:

  • The current Coatbridge Justice of the Peace Court sits for four day a week.There are no counter services or staff located there.
  • The new building is at 87 Graham Street Airdrie ML6 6DE, close to the existing Sheriff Court.
  • Details of both the original consultation, and the summary of responses received, are available at: Consultations 

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