Courts user satisfaction hits record level

Dec 06, 2017

User satisfaction with services provided by Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service staff has risen to record levels with 92% of people declaring overall satisfaction in a new survey.

This is a rise from the previous highest satisfaction level of 89% recorded in both the 2013 and 2015 Court User Satisfaction Surveys.

The results from specific questions showed very high ratings with 97% of respondents saying they found staff polite and 96% finding staff helpful.

In terms of court facilities, satisfaction with the comfort, cleanliness and safety and security of facilities used was generally over 80% while 88% were satisfied with the quality of the catering.

Some two thirds of the 2,615 public and professional court users surveyed were very or fairly satisfied with how long they waited to take part in court proceedings; 76% were satisfied with updates from court staff about why they were waiting; and 72% were satisfied with updates from court staff about how much longer they would have to wait.

When measured by individual Sheriffdom, overall satisfaction levels mostly showed an improvement on the 2015 figures with levels ranging from 84% to 96%. In the 2015 survey the lowest level for a Sheriffdom was 75%.

Welcoming the results Chief Executive Eric McQueen said: “We should be very proud of these excellent results which are a credit to SCTS staff and reflect the high-quality service they give to court users. It is reassuring that, even at a time of great change in the justice system, hard work and dedication can produce such outstanding ratings.”

The 2017 Court User Satisfaction Survey is available via this link.

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